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Lijkt meer serieus dan hun andere games tot nu toe.
  • Lijkt meer serieus dan hun andere games tot nu toe.

  • Titel: Nippon Ichi 20th Anniversary RPG [werktitel]
    Genre: RPG
    Developer: Counter Stop / NIS
    Publisher: Nippon Ichi
    :jap: 2012
    :usa: NNB
    :eur: NNB

    Early in the week, we shared first details on Nippon Ichi's first "20th Anniversary Project," an unnamed RPG that made its debut in Dengeki PlayStation through a few pieces of artwork.

    Dengeki Online has shared a few sample images from the magazine. Here's Renya, the game's main character:

    The mystery title has character designs by Noizi Ito. Ito also drew the magazine's cover:

    The girl on the cover is Ririel, also from the new game.

    The magazine also introduced Mizael, a blond-haired girl who says she's a former angel.

    Dialogue shown in the magazine indicates that Ririel may have turned Renya into a god. Renya appears to say something to the effect of "Starting today, I became a god" with Ririel saying "I will make you a god" and also advising that a god's work covers covers all things in the universe, including requests from aliens, and requests from the heroines who appear in fairy tales.

    As part of this teaser reveal, Dengeki had an interview with Ito. According to Sokuho's summary, Ito revealed that she was first asked about doing character designs for the game after drawing a download character for Disgaea 4. She said that she's designing around twelve characters, including main and sub characters.

    The designs have an angel and devil motif, but there's overall a light feel. The angels and devils will wear maid and butler outfits, for instance. The game's scenario will have a strong comical sense, Itou also said.

    Dengeki did not reveal a platform for the game, but Itou did say that the format will allow for detailed expression. This would seem to indicate a high spec platform. We should get details soon enough, as this mystery RPG is planned for 2012 release.


    Also via GAF:

    The game is produced by Souhei Niikawa and directed by Masahiro Yamamoto. Basically the same core team as the Disgaea series and Zettai Hero. But the game is developed by "Counter Stop" this time. Apparently Counter Stop is a new Nippon Ichi subsidiary run by Yamamoto, similar to how the Soul Nomad director founded System Prisma as a Nippon Ichi subsidiary (they make the Classic Dungeon games). Another thing they mentioned is that they have one more new game to announce in May.

    Meer info volgt nog.

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