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Super chille clan. Veel Nederlanders en epic veel fun. Als je n clan zoekt cker aanbevolen!
  • Super chille clan. Veel Nederlanders en epic veel fun. Als je n clan zoekt cker aanbevolen!
  • Hi there luvs,

    Today I am here to promote :.YWG:. or YesWeGame. We are a Gaming clan based in Belgium, but with members from all over the world. At the moment we have about a 100 active members, 10 game servers, an active forum, and regular events.
    Join .:YWG:.

    Game servers
    We currently have 9 public servers, and private servers on the way. The public servers are based in Germany and have low ping. All servers have b3, and we have a skilled team of admins guarding the rules. the .:YWG:. servers are known for their good admins and low hacker activity. General server rules forbid Marty, Last Stand and noobtube for obvious reasons.
    Our Servers:'
    S&D Promod :
    TDM Promod :
    Sniper Only TDM :
    FFA :
    S&D :
    TDM 1 :
    TDM 2 :
    TDM 3 :
    Hardcore TDM :
    Join .:YWG:.

    Competitive Players
    For the competitive players amongst you, .:YWG:. Has the L33T team. A team of our 20 best Promod players, who come together a few times a week to train, play scrims and wars for our clan. The team is trained by people with years of trainer experience, and get regular guest trainings by Europe’s best.
    Join .:YWG:.

    Casual Players
    For those amongst you who just like to play casually and have a lot of fun while doing that, .:YWG:. Couldn’t be a better clan. Our soft-core servers are filled with people who like to have a good laugh when playing, and our team speak server are always full of great&fun people. We also organize about 2 events a week, ranging from very competitive, to epic fun.
    Join .:YWG:.

    Joining .:YWG:.
    We don’t have special requirements to join, but we are quite selective. When u join, you first will be a recruit for 2 weeks, during that time our skilled mentors will teach u how things work in our clan, and see if you are fit for membership. Active motivated players will almost always be accepted, skill is of course a requirement, but we don’t have a enormous standard.
    Join .:YWG:.

    - 10 Servers
    - Friendly Players
    - Good Competitive Part
    - Lot’s Of Events
    - Very Active Forums
    Join .:YWG:.

    Hope I interested You guys in .:YWG:. See you on our servers, and maybe as a members.
    Kisses From Cameraadt (Head Recruitment .:YWG:.)

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