1. PS3 backwards compatibility slashed/canned

Re: PS3 backwards compatibility slashed/canned

  • Oke.
  • my bad slotje graag ^_^'
  • er staat onderaan de tekst:

    Update: it’s fake. There will be surprises unveiled about both the Xbox and PS3, to be sure. The best we can do is keep our eyes open
  • ik wacht anders wel… Laat sony lekker z'n tijd nemen. Miss. dat MS my toch weet over te halen :7
  • Here’s the full text of an Xbox fanboytasy that Sony is ready to ditch backwards-compatibility in order to get the PS3 out the door in the spring (Japan) and fall (USA, Europe) of next year.

    Je bent wel erg selectief met je quote!!!!
  • autumn /summer: USA, october november: PAL
    zijn dat de release dates van de ps3 in USA en EU

    on-topic: volgens mij gaat dit echt niet gebeuren hoor.
  • Nice stuff leaked right into my drive: In order to meet launch in spring the ps3 will feature a drive that will only be able to read single layer BD disks and will not be compatible with DVD and CDROM’s This means that is sacrificed in order to reach launch date Another problem sony is facing now is a backlash from the movie industry who want multilayer disks for additional content, these disks will not be playable on the ps3 PS3 lauch spring : only Japan (so the strange drives with no backward comp would only affect these machines! Probably not even all of them!) autumn /summer: USA, october november: PAL


    tja das pech hebbe o_0

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