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Lijkt me wel wat, mits er een goed verhaal in zit.
  • Lijkt me wel wat, mits er een goed verhaal in zit.
  • Voor een downloadbare titel ziet het erg goed uit! Een stuk beter dan Vandal Hearts 3 iig. :)
  • Hoog Final Fantasy tactics gehalte…
  • Nice :) - Coop?
  • Ik weet er erg weinig van maar de screens zien er leuk uit.

  • Imageepoch, the developer of Luminous Arc 1 & 2, is taking a hand at publishing duties with the new SRPG Chevalier Saga Tactics from Japanese indie developer NHN Japan. Chevalier Saga Tactics is a standard strategy RPG set in Medieval Europe. Players are tasked with forming an army to strike back against an invading country.

    Titel: Chevalier Saga Tactics
    Genre: Tactische RPG
    Developer: NHN Japan
    Publisher: Imageepoch / Nippon Ichi
    :jap: 2011
    :usa: 2011
    :eur: 2011

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    Chevalier Saga Tactics is set on Brigadule Island, situated far to the North West of the main content. This island was peacefully maintained as part of an alliance of three kingdoms, Rana, Lutanian and Suncrest. However, the peace comes to an end as Duke Bastania of Lutania begins an invasion of Rana. Bastania quickly takes control of Rana's land and forms the Principality of Bastania there. It is believed that King Renus of Rana and the entire Rana royal family are executed.

    Fourteen years later, word spreads throughout the land that Prince Leurs of the Rana family had actually managed to escape to Suncrest where he was raised by King Elio as a son. The knights of Rana begin to gather at the side of Prince Leurs, who has been given an army by King Elio for the purpose of reforming the Kingdom of Rana.

    The core gameplay in Chevalier Saga Tactics is like a turn-based strategy RPG. Units can be customized in 10 areas and equipped with skills. Your strategic options are affected by field height differences. For beginner players, the game will offer a "half auto" feature.

    One unique feature of the strategic battles is the game's castle storming system. You'll need to storm powerful castles using ladders, catapults and other devices.

    Outside of the "strategy RPG" mode, where you command individual troops, the game also has a "large scale battle mode." In this mode, you control large armies on the scale of hundreds of troops. Working with other players, you'll need to take back your kingdom. The two modes are linked together via the "Character Link System," a system for transferring troops.

    Your warriors take on a variety of jobs, including: Fighter, Knight, Wizard, Mage, Sorcerer, Ranger, Rogue, Acolyte, Assassin, Enchanter, Cleric and Berserker.

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