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Demo? Mooi dan ga ik die even proberen!
  • Demo? Mooi dan ga ik die even proberen!
  • Demo gespeeld, was best vermakelijk. Niet iets waar je voor in de rij gaat liggen maar gewoon leuk voor even tussendoor.
  • Wow dit is best wel een schijtspel. Next-gen Strider? My ass.

    Koop Hard Corps Uprising instead. Supergame.
  • Moon Diver

    Moon Diver is an upcoming side-scrolling platforming video game developed by feelplus and to be published by Square Enix.

    It is the dawn of the 22nd century on the third planet from the sun. Humanity, broken free from its eschatological thralls, now watches as a lone boy stands before it. Within his hands, he controls the power of Mephistopheles – a force which can breathe life into that which has none. Animated machines devour the helpless; buildings shower the streets with storms of glass; cups, trains, bridges, whole towns – the remnants of civilization are transformed into bloodthirsty beasts whose only purpose is to wield the hammer of judgment.

    The boy’s name is Faust, and he will not stop until he has cleansed the planet of humankind and claimed it as his own. Centuries have passed since his advent, and the world now holds its breath as the End of Days draws ever closer. Yet hope is not lost. Hidden among humanity’s last remaining survivors, an elite unit of specially trained ninja known as Moondivers has been lying in wait for orders from their Shogun to embark on one final mission to reclaim the planet. Today, those orders arrived.

    Trailer: http://dlgames.square-enix.com/moondiver/

    Release: 29 maart

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