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oh, nu wil ik dit opeens niet meer kopen hoor.
("wacht op sale" klinkt erg bij 8 euro, maar ik ben eventjes helemaal van de kooplust af, dus vandaar. :P )
  • ATLUS?

    oh, nu wil ik dit opeens niet meer kopen hoor.
    ("wacht op sale" klinkt erg bij 8 euro, maar ik ben eventjes helemaal van de kooplust af, dus vandaar. :P )
  • Still rollin', rock 'n' rollin'

  • Still rollin', rock 'n' rollin'
  • Is dit niet gewoon een simpele versie van Odama?

    Ziet er wel tof uit!
  • Euh.. dingen slopen met een rollende bal? :P

    Blijkbaar zit er ook nog een stukje tower defence in trouwens. Maar als je zelf moet aanvallen, doe je dat dus door die bal te besturen.
  • Huh hoe werkt de gameplay. Het ziet er uit als een combinatie van Monkey Ball en We Love Katamari :P
  • Had em al gezien ja, fucking tof! :lol:
  • Nieuwe trailer

    Dit wordt fucking epic! :lol:

  • Titel: Rock of Ages
    Genre: Tower Defense with a twist
    Developer: Ace Team
    Publisher: Atlus
    :jap: lente 2011
    :usa: lente 2011
    :eur: lente 2011

    Links of interest:
    Officiele website
    De awesome trailer!

    IG links of interest:
    De PSN online club

    When I first sat down with Atlus USA, I half-expected to be presented with the a preview of the next installment of Shin Megami Tensei, be it Persona or Devil Summoner. Instead, Atlus decided to throw us a curve-ball by announcing several new titles that didn't quite fit their usual modus operandi. One of these new titles, Rock of Ages, by Chillian developer Ace Team – the guys who brought us the unconventional first-person brawler, Zeno Clash – takes tower defense and adds a bit of a twist, instead focusing on PvP combat. So how is this accomplished? Well, in the form of a giant boulder which you use to demolish your enemy's castle.

    Like any other tower defense game, there's a fair amount of strategy involved. For example, you're going to try to roll the boulder down a narrow winding path to eventually make it to the enemy castle. Meanwhile, he's setting defenses to knock the ball off the track. As a result you'll encounter everything from armies, to elephants and windmills in additional to an already complex path.

    Probably the best part of the entire game would have to be the Monty Python-inspired visuals. The armies, peasants and even the boulder itself look like they were ripped straight from The Holy Grail. Even though I'm not very fond of British humor – with the exception of Jim, of course – it had me sold right away.

    Additionally, the worlds were beautifully crafted by Ace Team using Unreal Engine 3. Each level of play is inspired by different classical genres like Goya, Rococo, Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance and more – I kind of wish they included more of that in the trailer for you but trust me when I say they all look fantastic.

    Much like Trine 2, you can expect to see this game hit PSN, Xbox Live! Arcade and PC in Spring of next year. It's kind of a shame that I didn't get a chance to actually play it, but from what I've seen so far, it definitely looks promising.

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