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Nog niks van deze game gezien, is het al gekend hoe de game speelt?
  • Nog niks van deze game gezien, is het al gekend hoe de game speelt?
  • Hmmm, leuk hoor, horror in bossen :D
  • Het is trouwens: Sacrilegium i.p.v. Sacreligium, en Jalf de ontwikkelaar is Reality Pump :)
  • Wie is de ontwikkelaar? Toch niet Nibris?
  • Grafisch mooi, maar geen idee wat we ervan moeten verwachten. Deze shots zeggen niet echt bepaald veel…
  • SACRILEGIUM is the latest project designed and developed by world-renowned game development studio Reality Pump, to be released by TopWare Interactive AG.

    A brand new intellectual property from the creators of several best-selling franchises, the game is a fresh yet sophisticated take on the survival horror genre.

    Its rich and nuanced plot follows the young woman Alex across the world, from the misty shores of San Francisco to the fearsome and foreboding corners of the Old Continent. There, Alex learns that assumptions can be lethally deceptive and that the seemingly safe modern world is but half of a chamber divided by a dark curtain… that beyond that opaque veil lies the embodiment of nightmares spawned into flesh.

    Sacrilegium™ is more than a game - it is a labor of love from some of the industry’s most dedicated old talent and ferociously ambitious new blood, featuring hours of cinematic horror acted out by a team of top-level stage professionals.

    Sacreligium is een survival horror game, welke ook uit zal komen op de Wii U.
    Ontwikkelaar: Reality Pump

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