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Oh my fucking god, dit is te gek!!!!
  • Whoa, een must-have voor mij. Goed nieuws zeg.
    En mij maakt niets uit dat de combat eruit gehaald is. Dit kan zeker wat worden.


    Yep, Silent Hill is veel meer beklemmend dan Resident Evil. Vooral de eerste vier delen zijn ijzersterk (Ja, deel 4 ook!) Niet voor de tere zieltjes dus. :p
  • Nice, maar ik denk dat ik een te grote schijter ben ben voor deze game. Ik kon REmake in het begin niet eens in het donker en alleen spelen. :( Volgens mij is Silent Hill een stuk enger dan REmake.
  • _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ @ Konami

    OMG, dit is echt de beste aankondiging voor de Wii in meer dan een jaar :D

    De originele Silent Hill is nog steeds mijn favoriete game uit de serie en een van de beste games die ik ooit heb gespeeld op het gebied van sfeer. Weten ze bij Konami dit over te krijgen in de "Re-imagening", dan ben ik helemaal bij. :)
  • Meer uit Nintendo Power:

    -You steer Harry with the control stick

    -The Wii Remote is used to aim the flashlight "This is one of the things we dreamed about when the Wii controller was first unveiled, and it's every bit as effective as we imagined."

    -The developer wants the game to be as immersive as possible. "When you want to check on something in the environment, for example, you simply fix your view on it rather than press a button, and instead of text appearing on screen, Harry comments vocally." (MARl0 note: This sounds really awesome!)

    -Streaming environments that completely eliminate load times

    -The static noise comes out of the Wii Remote now. It also acts as your cell phone. "Just as we're starting to feel sufficiently uncomfortable, the Wii Remote rings and nearly scares us out of our seats." "There's no response when we answer this particular call, so we hang up and try the first thing that comes to mind: dial 911. An emergency dispatcher actually picks up, her voice emanating from the Wii Remote speaker, but she can't hear Harry and eventually hangs up. Looks like we're on our own."

    -Combat has been completely removed from the game. "Instead, you have no choice but to flee, which proves considerably more terrifying."

    -Once the monsters see you, the chase is on. "Holding Z button makes Harry get the lead out, and during the getaway, you can barge through doors, climb over fences, jump through windows, and so on. You can even barricade doors behind you with a bookshelf or whatever else might be handy. The static gets louder as the monsters close in, and while Harry is running, you can look back over his shoulder. Watching these abominations leap over cars and crawl along the rooftops as they relentlessly pursue our hero had us on the edge of our seats." "To be clear, these chase sequences aren't quick-time events; you have full control over Harry and can choose whichever path you see fit to his destination." "The monsters will take alternate routes to try to cut you off, and they'll use their numbers to flank you whenever possible."

    - "Shattered Memories is about as far removed from a typical remake as you can imagine. It takes inspiration from the original as the foundation for something that feels like a true evolution of the series."
  • http://wii.ign.com/articles/968/968741p1.html

    Silent Hill Wii Revealed
    First details surface on the Wii-exclusive Shattered Memories.

    April 1, 2009 - The latest issue of Nintendo Power published with the first story on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii. This is not an April Fool's joke. Rumors floating around the Interweb previously suggested the title might be a remake of the original PlayStation 2 game, but according to the magazine, the WIi title is far removed from its predecessor. In fact, Konami describes it as a "re-imagining" of the original game.

    Excerpts from the article itself have also made it online, and reveal a great deal about how the new game will look and feel.

    "This is a reimagining of the first Silent Hill," says producer Tomm Hulett in his Nintendo Power interview. "It's not a remake or a port. That's an important distinction. It really feels like a new game."

    Other aspects of the game have also hit the Net, including some interesting pieces based on the story itself, as well as the game's ability to "watch" users as they play. Hulett mentions that characters will be playing different roles in the game, and events won't necessarily carry out in the same order or how they did in the original project. Fans of the main character Harry Mason will be happy to hear that the title still revolves around his search for his daughter, though.

    Another major element within the game is that it watches you, and will actually react to how you play. Your behavior dictates the action, so to speak, with the game always aiming to not only get into the protagonist's head, but "Your head" as well, according to Hulett. The remote itself is also being used to interact directly with the environment, rather than just having button presses dictate specific actions. As Hulett puts it, "You're not just hitting buttons to choose things." It also seems there will be a larger emphasis on streamlining the whole process, with a few minor details suggesting that there's a way through every door in the game, and a whole lot less backtracking overall.

    Details beyond that are sparse, but IGN can confirm that this is in fact not an April Fools joke, and that Shattered Memories is a very real, very anticipated Wii offering from the folks at Konami. As for the Nintendo Power issue, more information has yet to break, though you can expect more news to hit through us very soon, with coverage on Konami's take on Wii's darker side ready to begin.

    Be sure to check back soon, as we'll have a whole lot more on what is sure to be an impressive, mature offering for the devoted "core" Nintendo fans.
  • must have, zo lang die irritante radio die altijd aanstond in deel 1 uitgezet kan worden :P werd daar echt stapelgek van.

    afgezien van dat, laat maar komen :)
  • Voor diegene die denken zomg lol 1 april, hier zijn de eerste aanwijzingen:

    VG247 understands that UK developer Climax is working on a Wii remake of an the first Silent Hill.

    Konami has declined to comment on the talk.

    Few specifics are known as yet, but apparently motion control’s been included for torch functions.

    The first Silent Hill, designed by Keiichiro Toyama, was released for PlayStation in 1999.

    Climax is working on two Konami games, as shown on the firm’s website. The remake is the Wii and PSP project you can see there.

    A 360 and PS3 game is also in the works for Konami, but this is an “original ground breaking next-gen game,” according to a Climax job posting.

    Climax was unavailable for comment at the time of writing. You didn’t see us here, right?

    http://kotaku.com/5167122/silent-hill-g ... oming-soon

    En meer info uit de NP:

    “The characters play different roles, things don’t necessarily happen in the same order, and the story is taken in lots of new directions. You still play as Harry Mason, you’re still looking for your daughter, and you’ll see familiar elements, but they’re all twisted to betray your expectations.”

    “One of Shattered Memories’ most significant and intriguing additions—your answers actually affect how the game unfolds. And it doesn’t end there. the game “watches” you constantly, and your behavior throughout can determine when you’ll meet certain characters, which scenes you’ll witness, and a variety of other factors.” “In Silent Hill games, the town always gets inside the protagonist’s head,” say Hulett. “But now, it’s getting inside YOUR head.”

    “We’re using the Wii Remote to interact directly with the environment, so the puzzles are all based around that idea,” says Hulett. “You’re not just hitting buttons to choose things.” He also notes that the solution to a puzzle is always in the immediate vicinity, and assures us there’s a lot less backtracking then in previous games.”

    “Longtime fans of the series will also be delighted to learn that there’s a way through every locked door; no more checking dozens of entrances only to find that 90% of them are permanently barred shut.”

    Klinkt netzoals de Resident Evil remake :'D

  • “This is a reimagining of the first Silent Hill,” explains producer Tomm Hulett. “It’s not a remake or a port. That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.”

    Bron: Nintendo Power

    Meer info volgt.

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