1. Sony Conference aan het einde van oktober!

Re: Sony Conference aan het einde van oktober!

  • A Sony Confrence At The End Of October !!!!
    Sony EC announces that Ken Kuturagi will hold a conference the 27/10/05 in Tokyo.

    Kuturagi will approach there the future of numerical and, well on, Playstation 3 , but it is not all, since Blu-ray, Cell and many other things in report/ratio with the Next-gen console of Sony , will be in the center of the subject.

    To go, let us dream a little, can be there will discover one the first playable plays, pûr speculation of my share, but which could become reality if this news is followed .

    Bron Frans: PS3-Live
    Bron Engels: PS3-Live vertaald
    Misschien het antwoord op X05 ?

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