1. Sony spant rechtszaak aan tegen Lik Sang

Re: Sony spant rechtszaak aan tegen Lik Sang

Zie nog ff mijn bericht hierboven :P
  • Zie nog ff mijn bericht hierboven :P
  • Errr my bad, erase that sjit 8|
  • Omg, dit is echt oudnieuws :S

    EDIT: Heb ff gezocht maar kon geen ander topic vinden. Wil je zonodig een topic over hebben dan open je maar een goede topic. Daarin moet je dan maar zeggen wat je er zelf van vind en wat je wilt waar wij het moeten over gaan hebben, niet zoiets als dit.

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  • Bron: www.portgames.com
    " Sony is becoming an 800-pound-Gorilla-gone-sour. That, or they are making efforts towards worldwide humanitarianism. As we all now know, they want to protect all the Brits and the rest of our Euro-friends from the displeasures of owning a PSP system before it is actually available on Royal turf. They woultn't want UK gamers exposed to the vulnerability of the PSP and how it is so susceptible to malicious hacks and mods that would enable it to do things like, I don't know, um, play other games? Chat with friends online? Swap game saves? Watch movies? Listen to podcasts? Any of which are possible terrorist attacks on society.
    So, for good measure, they are suing the likes of other companies, in other countries even, that intend on pushing this threat to the gaming society onto Royal soil. Companies like Lik-Sang, located not in the UK (therefore technically not an "importer"). No, Lik-Sang is founded and based in the free-trade-centric city of Hong Kong (which would make them a what? An "Exporter"?). No wonder Sony is so intent on stopping this crisis! Importers, err, Exporters like Lik-Sang have devised world-dominating strategies of placing harmful handheld gaming consoles on every continent, then with the push of one button, making each of the millions of units explode at once, causing the Earth to blow into a million pieces and make way for the Intergalactic Highway. Thank God Sony is on the lookout for the well-being of Earth's citizens and controlling the illegal game-console-trafficking while preventing us from another bad book-to-movie reference. You see, Sony is doing all British gamers a service"

    Lees verder http://www.portagame.com/psp/2005/08%20/09/p490#more490

    Sony WTF 8|

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