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Lol, sony en hun moves…
  • Lol, sony en hun moves…
  • Die tennis-screens ziet er best leuk uit.
  • De eerste SC is zowat de enige goede Move game als je de lightgun games niet meetelt. Heb wel lol gehad met Table Tennis.
  • Ik wou net zeggen… ze hebben in de afgelopen dagen een shitload aan spul aangekondigd.
  • We kunnen denk ik wel stellen dat Sony de Move weer gaat promoten, zie nu ook steeds Sorcery reclames op TV (schijnt niet eens slecht te zijn overigens).

    En ze zijn weer lekker bezig alles te spoilen van tevoren ;}
  • Hi everyone – I’m Jeremy Ray, a Senior Producer at Sony’s Worldwide San Diego Studio on the newly announced Sports Champions 2! San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games were blown away with the success of the multi-million unit-seller Sports Champions and are really looking forward to the opportunity to provide new experiences for everyone to enjoy. This time around we are proud to bring you Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling and an all updated Archery experience.

    Favourite features are back like the surprisingly deep and challenging single player Cup Play, setup whatever you want Free play, and fun arcade Challenge rounds for each event. We’ve made a ton of improvements too, more than I can list but here’s a few anyway. No more 3-point calibration is required (gameplay is not sacrificed), create an avatar that you can customize per event, profile system so everyone in the house can play together with their own avatars and settings, and more customizable and easier to use photo booth.

    Game: Sports Champions 2
    Release: 2012
    Ontwikkeld door: Zindagi Games & Sony Computer Entertainment San Diego
    Uitgegeven door: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genres: Sports, Move
    Bevat: Singleplayer (Multiplayer) (Co-op)


    There’s also a whole new Party Play mode that I hope we get to show more on later. It’s the perfect way to play with your friends and family on game night. Play matches from any combination of events including challenge rounds and add up your score to see who can become the party champion. You can create your own match playlist, see photos and voice from each player during the game, and draw something humiliating (or be nice) on the unfortunate loser.

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