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Deze game ga ik zeker wel halen. Alles wat ik er tot nu toe over gelezen hebt spreekt me erg aan. Hopelijk brengen ze hem nog op deze generatie consoles uit, omdat het nog wel even duurt voordat ik aan de Next-Gens ga :)
  • Deze game ga ik zeker wel halen. Alles wat ik er tot nu toe over gelezen hebt spreekt me erg aan. Hopelijk brengen ze hem nog op deze generatie consoles uit, omdat het nog wel even duurt voordat ik aan de Next-Gens ga :)
  • het lijkt haast wel een soort UT te zijn geworden.
  • Ik vind hem echt niet lelijk dit is voor mij een van de vetste games van deze E3 voor de xbox XBOX, L!VE zit er nu ook op word echt fantastich :D
  • Game is echt lelijk, laat ze hem op de next-gens uitbrengen. Ik bedoel, ze hebben hetzelfs over een mid-2006 release!
  • Starcraft Ghost geeft weer een teken van leven op de E3

    Check hier voor nieuwe filmpje: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/sta ... media.html

    E wat nieuwe screens:

  • Zal nog wel een tijdje duren eer het spel uitkomt aangezien Blizzard het spel maakt. Lijkt me een leuke game en als Blizzard een spel maakt dan doen ze dat goed. Het is dus een tijdje afwachten.
  • Nou wat denken jullie van deze game???Ik was na de preview in de PU verkocht, wat een game gaat dit worden zeg, blizzard he.

    <b>GAME: Strarcraft Ghost

    Release Datum:</b> Nog niet bekend

    <b>Developer:</b> Blizzard

    <b>Publisher:</b> Vivendi


    Q: What is StarCraft: Ghost?
    A: StarCraft: Ghost is a tactical-action console game set in the StarCraft universe.

    Q: How will StarCraft: Ghost be different from other tactical-action console games?
    A: StarCraft: Ghost will be different from other tactical-action games in many ways. Taking on the role of Nova, the game's elite Ghost operative hero, players will be able to:

    Utilize a Wide Range of Elite Ghost Abilities
    Outmaneuver your enemies at sonic speed
    Infiltrate bases and sneak past guards using the cloak ability
    Lock down vehicles and electronic devices to immobilize them
    Engage in both face-to-face firefights and planet-scale warfare
    Leverage the Resources of an Entire Army
    Call down massive Battlecruiser and Siege Tank strikes
    Take control of familiar StarCraft vehicles
    Wield a variety of familiar weapons, such as the Gauss Rifle and Perdition Flamethrower
    Join your allies in battle and do your part to ensure mission success
    Experience the World of StarCraft in 3D
    See the world of StarCraft on a personal level
    Visit familiar planetary settings
    Explore 3D environments designed for strategic interaction
    Use the camera to find unique strategic possibilities
    As Nova, players will be able to scale fences, hang from wires, climb poles and scale walls, and negotiate tightropes
    Unveil the Next Chapter in the StarCraft Saga
    Experience story-driven missions complete with multiple plot twists
    Play a crucial role in the rich StarCraft history
    Engage in combat with a variety of fully rendered units from the StarCraft universe, including the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss

    Q: Is this StarCraft II?
    A: No.

    Q: Will there be a StarCraft II? When?
    A: Although we have not made any announcements and do not have a development or release timeline, we do fully intend to revisit the world of StarCraft on PC at some point in the future.

    Q: Why is Blizzard Entertainment entering the console arena?
    A: We began our early development efforts in console gaming, and we have always been excited about returning to this arena. Additionally, we've wanted to revisit the StarCraft universe for some time. With StarCraft: Ghost, we are able to do both. Also, due to the game's control interface and tactical-action nature, developing this title for the next-generation console systems makes the most sense. In addition to expanding StarCraft's rich storyline, the game gives players a chance to experience the sci-fi universe from an all-new perspective.

    Q: Does Blizzard plan to develop any other console games?
    A: While we have not made any announcements, we are considering future console development plans.

    Q: What is the relationship between Blizzard and Nihilistic Software, Inc.?
    A: Blizzard and Nihilistic are co-developing StarCraft: Ghost.

    Q: Why did Blizzard choose Nihilistic as a development partner?
    A: Nihilistic Software, Inc. is made up of a talented group of developers. We chose them because they share our vision and focus in developing games. Their team members have worked on several great titles, and we are very pleased to be expanding the StarCraft universe with them.

    Q: What rating do you expect for StarCraft: Ghost?
    A: We expect StarCraft: Ghost to receive a Teen rating from the ESRB.

    Q: On what platforms will StarCraft: Ghost be available?
    A: A: We are currently developing the game for PlayStation2, Nintendo GameCube, and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Further details regarding platform/country specifics will be released in the months ahead.

    Q: Will there be a PC and Mac version?
    A: No. StarCraft: Ghost is only being developed for console systems.


    Mix a single, covert operative with enhanced physical and mental abilities and a Hostile Environment Suit designed with cloaking and detection technologies, toss in a mastery of both melee and ranged weapons, and top it off with the ability to call down a tactical nuclear strike and you have the versatile and deadly force known as Nova - the star of Blizzard's upcoming console game, Starcraft: Ghost.
    The Insider got a chance to sit down with a few members of the Starcraft: Ghost development team from Blizzard and Nihilistic Software to talk about how the game is progressing.

    Blizzard Insider: A lot has happened with Starcraft: Ghost since it was announced at the Tokyo Game Show. Tell us, where does the game stand right now and what is the team focused on currently?
    Ghost Team: Everyone's focused on getting a full run-through of the game playable right now. This means that basically all of the mission objectives, locations, puzzles, etc. are in place, and you can make your way from start to finish. Game development usually alternates between phases of getting features or functionality operational and polishing what's there and adding all the bells and whistles. Right now we're in one of those functionality' phases - laying the base for the rest of the goodies to come…

    BI: What are some of the components of the game that have most changed in recent months?
    GT: A big recent change is the addition of more melee combat skills for Nova. When attacking things from a distance (by sniping or performing calldowns), Nova's abilities are very powerful. As playtesting progressed, we felt that we wanted to make sure that she was just as deadly up close, and that hand-to-hand combat gave the same kind of thrills that we were delivering in the ranged attacks. It was also important for some sections of the game for Nova to be able to disable enemies in a more silent manner, without having to resort to using her rifle or other noisy weapons. This meant giving her the ability to have several different types of user-directed strikes, which of course led to adding in cool linked combos and such. We're careful not to go too far with it (this isn't a fighting game, after all), but so far itproving to be a great addition to the gameplay.

    BI: How have the game's graphics evolved over time?
    GT: It took a few iterations to really nail the look and feel of the game's units and environments. We had tons of reference from the PC game to refer to of course, but the translation to 3D, in proper scale and for a close-up perspective required some thought. Starcraft's art direction is a mix of the grittyrealistic and exaggerated/fantastical, and we definitely wanted to capture both of those aspects in Ghost. It also took some time to conceptualize and pull off the visuals for the varied locations and characters you meet along the way.
    A big part of the thrill of playing Ghost for Starcraft fans is the sense of 'you are there' that you get as you explore the locations. The graphics engine works its magic to pull this off in several types of environments - from lush jungles on Aiur to the desolate Mar Sara wasteland to the slimy, fleshy interior of a Nydus Canal. The graphics technology we're using has been created from the ground up for this game and is designed to squeeze every last drop of graphics capability from all three console platforms.

    BI: What have been the biggest challenges the team has faced so far?
    GT: The biggest challenge from the beginning has been to design a game that is fundamentally fun on a console system yet maintains the level of quality, detail and polish that people have come to expect from our PC games. Ghost not only has to distinguish itself and be successful in a highly competitive genre, but it also has to live up to the high expectations that players all over the world have for this game. No pressure!….;)

    BI: What is the game's multiplayer like? How long do you expect multiplayer games to last?
    GT: The plans for multiplayer are still evolving and a lot still needs to be kept under wraps, but we can say this - the MP gameplay will support a cooperative aspect as well as combative - and will add some great content over and above the single-player missions


    <b>Dus wat is jullie mening over deze game?</b>

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