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Infamous kun je beter halen inderdaad, de game ziet er niet uit. Voor degene die er fun mee willen beleven, veel plezier ermee.
  • http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclu ... ing/732243

    Nieuwe video, ziet er toch wel fun uit :D
  • Ik vind het er bijzonder lelijk uitzien. Voor degenen die het nog niet gespeeld hebben: infamous is the way to go.
  • Debuut trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-2011-the-amazing/724683?xrs=synd_twitter

    lol Mass Effect called. They want their Reaper back…
  • Exclusive developer diary

    Web slinging is back en web rush ziet er ook erg tof uit.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Game Informer details #1
    GameInformer recently got a hold of the newest Spider-Man game for the first three hours. I thought I'd post anything I can dig up on it since there hasn't been a lot of info on the game even though it comes out in under 2 months. If you're looking forward to the game, I recommend finding a copy of the magazine. The screenshots look really great. I'm not sure what it is, but I think the lighting and the details on his suit look real good for a super hero game.

    •One screenshot features Dr. Connors helping Spider-Man out
    •Random crimes ( bank heists, muggings, and car chases) are spread throughout the city. I didn't see anything about 'MY BALLOON' though
    •The game is after the movie. You could potentially have a few things spoiled in relation to Parker and other people featured in the movie since this takes place afterwards. That said, it's the same exact Spider-Man story we've been told a million times before, so it's not like the movie's not already spoiled for any Spider-Man fans.
    •The game has a built in reader. You can unlock full comic book issues to read in the game such as Amazing Fantasy #15(Spidey's first appearance)
    •The game tries to capture Spider-Man's lucha libre inspired moveset from the movie.
    •Near the beginning you'll see capsules with different Spider-Man villains, such as Rhino, Vermin, and Scorpia. Rhino has already been confirmed as a villain for the game and as a Gamestop pre-order bonus mode where you play as Rhino
    •Been in production for nearly two years
    •The combat is straight up Batman. There's a melee button and a counter button. When you fill it up, you get to use special attacks like Batman's in Arkham City. Spider-Man also floats with punches like Batman, but GI claims he's far more acrobatic when he does it.
    •Web zip can be used to get out of a sticky situation and hide. So apparently there is some sort of stealth.
    •There's a typical experience system for levelling combos and you can find things called web techs that give you new abilities or upgrade them like being able to web people to the wall.
    •Many of the story missions take place in doors in their own linear levels
    •Some of the side content involves taking photos of locations, performing tricks for a videographer, and finding comic books.
    •The citizens will say things to you based on things you've done in the story
    •Seamus Kevin Fahey(Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and the newer Battlestar Galactica) helped with the story
    •Web rush slows down time as a sort of Spider Sense. It can be used for moving through Manhattan, but it can also be used in combat.
    - http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=473005

    De pers is tot nu toe ook redelijk positief over de game. Wellicht eindelijk weer een open-wereld Spider-Man-game die Spider-Man 2 kan evenaren.
  • Ik kijk er wel naar uit. :)
  • Uh ja wat moet dit worden, vechten tegen robots lijkt mij niet veel soeps doen mij maar gewoon wat mensen ofzo.
    Verder hoop ik wel dat Beenox zich hersteld want zo goed als Shattered Dimesions was zo slecht/eentonig was Edge of time.
  • Free roaming ?! Een no go voor mij dus.
  • Robots?? Mehhh!!

    Free roaming daarentegen zie ik weer wel zitten. Even kijken wat Beenox hiervan maakt. Shattered Dimensions was wel leuk, Edge of Time was matig.
  • Jezus wat lame. Spidey vs Robots….
  • Debuut trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-2011-the-amazing/724683?xrs=synd_twitter
  • Ze moeten echt wat aan dat hakkelige vechtsysteem doen. Kijk naar Infamous of Batman, zo wil ik knokken. Webslingeren was overigens altijd wel gaaf.

  • Het verhaal van de aankomende game The Amazing Spider-Man speelt zich af na dat van de gelijknamige film. Dat meldt uitgever Activision.

    De game dient als een epiloog voor de gebeurtenissen in de film, zo legt Activision uit. Verdere details over het verhaal zijn vooralsnog onbekend. Een eerste trailer van de game zal tijdens de aankomende Spike TV Video Game Awards worden getoond.

    The Amazing Spider-Man wordt ontwikkeld door Beenox. Die studio was eerder verantwoordelijk voor Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions en Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Spelers kunnen als Spider-Man in de nieuwe game vrij door Manhattan slingeren. De game verschijnt in de zomer van 2012 voor PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS en Nintendo 3DS.

    This summer, Spider-Man returns into an open world game set in New York City.

    Teaser: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-2011-the-amazing-spider-man/724644

    Zou er dan eindelijk een Spider-Man game uitkomen die zich kan meten met de zeer sterke game Spider-Man 2 op de PS2?

    Meer info tijdens aankomende VGA…

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