1. The Simpsons Arcade game (Konami)

Re: The Simpsons Arcade game (Konami)

Nice but… Ik had liever de Asterix Arcade game.
  • Nice but… Ik had liever de Asterix Arcade game.
  • Goty natuurlijk! : D
  • Backbone :(
  • A console port of The Simpsons Arcade Game could be on the way, according to a listing from the Australian Classification Board.

    As spotted by XBLAfans, the post, which went up earlier today, lists Konami as the publisher and Backbone Entertainment as the developer.

    Backbone's past work includes the 2010 PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade port of X-Men Arcade.

    Konami has declined to comment on what exactly the listing refers to.

    For those too young to remember it, The Simpsons Arcade Game was a solid four player side-scrolling beat 'em up originally released back in 1991.

    Port wordt verzorgt door Backbone Entertainment :r

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