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  • Retail?
  • Lijkt me wel wat <img alt=":)" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/smile.png" /> Alleen die titel..

    Inderdaad. Klinkt als een nasty middeleeuws getinte bukakefilm.
  • Een paar (Japanse) screenshots:

    http://www.nisamerica.com/games/witch100/ :)

    Santa Ana, Calif. (March 29, 2012) – NIS America is excited to announce the winter release of The Witch and the Hundred Knights exclusively on PS3 in North America and Europe. Adopting high-res, fully 3D environments and characters, as well as a dark fantasy world brought to life by Takehito Harada, The Witch and the Hundred Knights will deliver a brand-new action RPG experience from Nippon Ichi Software! In The Witch and the Hundred Knights, being bad is good! Save the innocent or take part in the ransacking—it’s all up to you! The Witch and the Hundred Knights will hit store shelves in early 2013.

    About The Witch and the Hundred Knights
    Two powerful witches have been battling one another for over a hundred years. Now, the Swamp Witch has unleashed the legendary Dark Knights, and seeks to destroy the Forest Witch once and for all!

    • A hundred knights at your command: A plethora of ways to utilize your 100-man team!
    • Multiple weapons: Equip up to 5 weapons to maximize your combo abilities!
    • Chain attacks: The higher you build your chain, the greater damage you will unleash!
    • More details coming soon!
  • Ja, ik heb het de laatste tijd nogal drukjes. Allerlei cursussen en nachtdiensten die ik tegenwoordig doe. Maar ik kijk meestal nog wel effe snel op IG, maar heb niet echt veel tijd/puf om wat nuttigs te posten :P

    Anyhow, wel weer genoeg off-topic gelul lijkt me zo. En anders weet je m'n gastenboek te vinden :)
  • Lijkt me wel wat <img alt=":)" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/smile.png" /> Alleen die titel..

    Hehe, ja die is niet echt je van het :P

    Trouwens, wat ben jij lang niet op IG geweest! :P
  • Lijkt me wel wat :) Alleen die titel..
  • Titel: The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen
    Genre: open world actie RPG
    Developer: Nippon Ichi
    :jap: lente 2012
    :usa: nnb
    :eur: nnb

    That's an image of the the witch of the game's title. Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Niikawa shared the artwork at the Akihabara Denkigai Festival event in early August (and Impress Watch grabbed the above pic).

    As detailed then (see this story), Niikawa revealed the game to be an action RPG with character designs from Takehito Harada and music from Tenpei Satou. He did not reveal the platform, but did promise a formal announcement towards the end of September… which is where we are now.

    From what we're hearing, the character's name is Metallica. We're still not sure if you control her or the hundred knights mentioned in the title.


    • The game is a dark fantasy action RPG[/*:m]
    • The world is open and seamless – there won't be transitions between town and field[/*:m]
    • The game will have a high degree of freedom – the world is like a sandbox where you can do anything[/*:m]
    • The visuals are fully 3D. The perspective is from above.[/*:m]
    • There will be a packed main story with over 30 hours of play[/*:m]
    • There will be lots of sub quests[/*:m]
    • There's no game over. But, if you die, you lose your items[/*:m]
    • There's lots of blood, and the game's visual expression is dark. However, they won't be going too overboard with the grotesque.[/*:m]
    • You can choose to side with good or evil[/*:m]
    • Nippon Ichi is not using the experience it gained from making Disgaea and other titles. (Make sure you read that carefully!)[/*:m][/list:u]
    • There's one confusing bit about the reports that are surfacing at present. It seems that rather than controlling the witch of the title, you're actually controlling the hundred cavalrymen. We're waiting to hear more about this area.
      Meer info volgt nog!

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