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Lijkt me best een kicke game eigenlijk. Hopelijk valt de prijs ook mee.
  • Lijkt me best een kicke game eigenlijk. Hopelijk valt de prijs ook mee.
  • Wizardry… Must resist…
  • Is dit gemaakt met een oude versie van game maker? :P Anyway, zegt me niks en de screens doen me weinig… :(
  • no you don't

    Yes, yes I do! And so do you! :D

    Deel van een interview met Ken Berry van Xseed op RPGamer:

    MAC: Let's chat about Unchained Blades. Some on the Furyu staff also worked on Grandia and Lunar, you say? Looks like even Nobuo Uematsu composed a couple tracks on the soundtrack along with his studio producing the rest, right? How did this deal come about?

    KB: Yes, Unchained Blades has quite the pedigree behind it with the scenario designer Takashi Hino having worked on Grandia, the director Toshio Akashi having worked on Lunar, and even Nobuo Uematsu contributing to the soundtrack, though most of the compositions are done by a young and upcoming composer named Tsutomo Narita, who works with Uematsu-san. And don't forget the artists, as 14 different celebrated artists spanning videogame and manga/anime fame each contributed to the design of one major character (well, 2 artists did collaborate on one design so there are 13 unique major character designs).

    In terms of how the deal happened, we'd been following the title on Famitsu since before it released and our president was able to make contact with them. They wanted their game to be released in the West so we were able to come to terms pretty easily with FuRyu.

    MAC: Is it a hardcore dungeon crawler? Any chance this one might have some features to make it more manageable or accessible for those less familiar with these types of games?

    KB: Yes, it is a dungeon crawler similar to Wizardry in its first-person viewpoint and turn-based battles, but it is much more accessible as all the party characters are pre-set and don't need to be created from scratch, plus the movement and battles are much faster paced.

    MAC: Are there any other features that make this one standout among dungeon crawlers?

    KB: The emphasis on story and voice-acting in Unchained Blades should make it appeal more to gamers that may usually not be into dungeon crawlers. It is very much a story-driven game with over 3,000 lines of voice-overs, so think of it as a JRPG that plays in the style of an old-school WRPG like Wizardry.
  • no you don't

  • Deze game, I need it! :O
  • Ik niet alles als download, dan hoef ik straks alleen mijn 3ds bij me te hebben en niet zeulen met cartridges en cartridges verwisselen…
  • Kunnen ze de game niet ook gewoon als retail hierheen brengen, eerlijk gezegd vindt ik dat echt velen malen praktischer. Maar ja beter iets dan niets natuurlijk ^_^
  • Het is ook een retail titel in Japan, daar is hij al sinds vorig jaar zomer ofzo al uit.

    Nintendo heeft aangegeven (tijdens de laatste investors meeting) dat ze retail titels willen gaan aanbieden via de eShop. Unchainded Blades lijkt dus de eerste te worden.
  • Misschien is het ook gewoon een retail game in Japan, je weet nooit. Komop het is een Nintendo console dus er moet altijd wel iets raars zijn in de release lijst :P
  • Dat ziet er erg goed uit! Vreemd dat dit een downloadable game word. gezien de screens, info en artwork zou het zo een retail game kunnen zijn. Ben iig benieuwd ziet er veelbelovend uit :)
  • Oh ja, themesong door Nobuo Uematsu trouwens. ^_^
  • Titel: Unchained Blades
    Genre: First Person Dungeon Crawler
    Developer: FuRyu
    Publisher: Xseed/(Ghostlight?)
    :eur: nnb
    :usa: 2012
    :jap: 2011


    This is going to sound pretty weird, because it involves clues to something you likely don't remember or know. The short version: Nintendo Power's table of contents reveals a game called "Unchained Blades" for 3DS, as a download.

    The long version: this is the reveal of something publisher XSEED was cryptically teasing yesterday, with a series of images on Twitter including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a blade of grass, and a still from Ghost's famous pottery wheel scene. And now you're confused.

    It's now clear that the clues refer to the dungeon crawler released in Japan as UnchainBlades Rexx. (get it: &quot;Unchained&quot; Melody plus &quot;blade&quot; of grass plus T. &quot;Rex.&quot<img alt=";)" src="/plugins/sceditor/emoticons/wink.png" /> It was a retail game over there, but being in Nintendo Power's &quot;Download&quot; section suggests that XSEED is improving the distribution method along with the name.


    Set in a world populated exclusively by monsters, Unchained Blades follows main character Fang, the young king of the Dragon race. When young, the monsters of the world take on a human form, eventually shedding this and reaching their true power potential. Fang, whose powers were sealed away after angering the goddess Kryunia, allies with other young monsters and descends into Titan, the living dungeon.

    The battle system is turn-based, and the &quot;Unchain System&quot; can allow for four players with five monsters each in battle simultaneously. Unchained Blades was a retail game for 3DS and PSP when it launched in Japan, but it looks like we'll be getting it exclusively in download form unless XSEED states otherwise.


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