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Leuk, maar we hebben een Revolution Launch Data topic :)

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  • Leuk, maar we hebben een Revolution Launch Data topic :)

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  • had dit niet in het topic hier onder gemoeten

    Ontopic: Yes lkkr dan dan hebben wij hem tenminste voor 2007 ^^D
  • The Nintendo Power Line, Nintendo's phone-based automated game tip service, has specified Revolution's launch date as the "latter half of 2006." Previously, the most accurate, officially stated launch date for Revolution was an ambiguous "2006" or "near" the competition's launch dates. Now, Nintendo of America has gotten more specific.

    "As the company with the strongest heritage of innovation, Nintendo moves the bar for all next gen systems by employing a wide-ranging strategy that will attract more kinds of gamers to more kinds of games. When Nintendo's new console, codenamed Revolution, arrives in the latter half of 2006, everyone will discover the meaning of all-access gaming," the recording states.

    If this timeframe proves to be true, and Sony's expected launch date of March 2006 occurs in the U.S., then Nintendo will definitely be the last next-gen console to launch for the third generation straight. For reference, the SNES launched a year after the Sega Genesis, the N64 launched one year after the PlayStation, and GameCube launched one year after PlayStation 2 and a mere 10 days after the original Xbox, but still last. With Revolution's distinctly different market objectives and controller, the effects a later launch date may cause are unpredictable at this point.

    http://www.nintendojo.com/infocus/view_ ... 1129450151

    Latter 2006 dus vanaf de 6e maand of later ;)

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