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Yup erg vette game gisteren gekocht had eindelijk weer eens wat punten kunnen kopen.
  • Yup erg vette game gisteren gekocht had eindelijk weer eens wat punten kunnen kopen.
  • Hij staat online. Erg vette game imo !
  • Ja, ze hebben de rechten weer terug.
  • Aha van die fiets, dus ze hebben de rechten weer terug.
  • Dit is een port van Sega Racing Classic, wat in feite een 720p widescreen Daytona USA voor de arcade was. Maar ze hebben kennelijk de rechten terug want het heet weer Daytona USA.
  • Is dit BTW gewoon de Saturn port of niet, want kan me herinneren dat ze die niet meer mochten gebruiken of daarvan iets kwijt waren. Of was dat alleen de soundtrack nummers?
  • Eurogamer:

    Daytona USA on XBLA before PSN in Europe

    Daytona USA launches this month on Xbox Live Arcade and next month on PlayStation Network - in Europe.

    It launches on 26th October on Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points, and on 25th October on PS3 (in the US) for $9.99.

    Daytona will release on PSN late November in Europe, Sega said. European PSN pricing is yet to be confirmed.

    Sega said the 1993 arcade racer been "tuned up and overhauled" with enhanced graphics, steering wheel support and online multiplayer.

    The list of features in full:

    - Fresh Oil and a New Coat of Paint: Experience the classic retro graphics of the original arcade hit in an enhanced,16:9 widescreen format.
    - Let's Go Away: Relive your glory days of racing to the sounds of the original Daytona USA soundtrack, also available in Karaoke Mode (admit it, you know you've been singing along anyway).
    - Pedal to the Metal: Drive like a pro with included support for the Logitech GT Driving Force steering wheel controller on PS3, and all Xbox 360-supported steering wheel controllers.
    - Reach the Winner's Circle: Challenge AI opponents in Arcade Mode, race the clock in Survival and Time Trial Modes, and trade paint with up to eight players in online multiplayer to place on the worldwide leaderboard.

  • Als Daytona fan ben ik hier dol gelukkig mee natuurlijk.

  • Eurogamer / Sega Blog:

    Sega teases new Daytona USA

    There's a new Daytona USA game on the way, judging by a Sega tease that went earlier live today.

    A post on Sega's US blog asks readers to take a look at a video teasing a classic franchise that's about to get the reboot treatment, then take a guess at the name of the game. 10 randomly picked winners will receive a PlayStation 3 copy of the game when it launches. It'll be a digital download version, suggesting the game won't be a full disc release.

    Given that the vid in question, which you can see below, features Daytona USA's immortal "Rolling start!" theme, we'd say a revival of Sega's 1993 classic arcade racer seems a safe bet.

    The promotion ends on 10th October, so look out for a formal reveal some time around then.


    + Eurogamer:

    Daytona USA achievements leak Xbox 360

    Achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Daytona USA have leaked, confirming, once again, that the arcade racer is game for a downloadable re-release.

    The list, picked up by Xbox360Achievements, mentions leaderboards, plus the game's Arcade, Challenge, Survival and Karaoke modes.

    Although the Dreamcast racer's upcoming re-launch remains under-wraps, a sneaky Sega teaser released earlier in the month spelt it out: this game is coming.

    Before that, the existence of a downloadable Daytona USA was first suggested in an Australian Ratings Board listing for the title, posted in September. It listed the arcade racer for re-release on "multiple platforms".

    Other titles recently dusted off from Sega's Dreamcast back catalogue have been released on both PSN and XBLA. Daytona USA will in all likelihood follow suit.

    The full list of achievements lies below:

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