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Ik heb vorige week het eerste deel aangeschaft. Echt een hele vette game, dus kijk hier ook naar uit!
  • Ik heb vorige week het eerste deel aangeschaft. Echt een hele vette game, dus kijk hier ook naar uit!
  • Die damp op het plaatje is wat dubieus.

  • Fresh out of containment and ready to butcher countless more scientists, Ms. Splosion Man was revealed this evening by Twisted Pixel. Alongside the first teaser and news of next fall's splosive sequel, Twisted Pixel CCO Josh Bear spoke with us about all things MSM. We got to the important stuff upfront, pinning Bear to the wall about the real difference between Mr. and Ms. Splosion Man. "Splosion Man has a penis, Ms. Splosion Man has a vagina," he confessed. Solved.

    Oh, right, there was also talk of the reasoning behind a full-on sequel in terms of gameplay. Bear explained: "I think with Splosion Man a follow up was something we really wanted to do, and that is why you never saw DLC for that game. We could have churned out new levels, but we wouldn't have had the time to add in new gameplay puzzles or cool new character stuff. But we didn't just want to do Splosion Man 2, it had to be something a ittle more interesting. That is why we decided to do MSM."


    Twisted Pixel Announces Ms. Splosion Man
    Written Friday, December 03, 2010 By Richard Walker

    No doubt if you hadn't picked up Splosion Man before last week, you probably did when it was discounted to a measly 160 Microsoft Points for Black Friday. Well, that deal couldn't have been better timed as it happens, being as it is the perfect primer for the newly revealed sequel, which Twisted Pixel has announced today.

    Ms. Splosion Man has been created in the labs of Big Science (the game's location where Splosion Man wreaks havoc) following the capture of the titular orange hero, and as the mock press release celebrating Splosion Man's detainment attests: "Even if some sort of newer, stronger, better threat were created, our newest security measures and fiendish traps would be more than enough to contain it. We've made incredible advances in our technology over this past year…. Not that there would ever be a use for any of it."

    The press release continues: "everything has had functionality improvements and visual overhauls, and our company has expanded to some incredible new locations. It's all pristine and beautiful…"

    Big Science also assured that there'd never be a repeat of the Splosion Man debacle, stating, "What's going to happen, some sort of freak accident in the after party that creates a "Ms. Splosion Man" mere seconds after Splosion Man's capture? And then the Ms. Splosion Man goes on some monster tear in the fall of 2011? Yeah right."

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