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ik wil de kracht van Char het medium hebben of van jolanda……..
  • ik wil de kracht van Char het medium hebben of van jolanda……..
  • Het is op zich wel interessant om te lezen. Bij sommige van die verhalen komt het niet geloofwaardig over, alsof ze enkele dingen erbij hebben verzonnen om het interessanter te maken. Maar goed, ik zou iig niet graag op zo'n plaats willen zijn waar je dingen hoort/voelt/ziet.. niet dat ik geloof in dit soort dingen maar er zit denk ik wel ene kern van waarheid in.
  • Ik vind het engelse taalgebruik in die quote nog het engst… hear = here, en wander word wonder … etc :P
  • Ja, erg eng…

    [size=0]…dat Marcel dit post..[/size]
  • Marcel weer aan de cake gezeten?
  • Verwacht je dat wij al die verhalen gaan lezen??
  • Ik heb er 10 gelezen, toen kwam ik erachter dat er nog een heleboel meer was, en ben ik gestopt met lezen.:P
  • Is er geen limiet aan het aantal tekens dat je mag gebruiken ofso? -_-'

    Hoe gaat het eigenlijk met je leven, Marcel? :)
  • Als ik in de stemming ben doe ik meestal andere dingen hoor :]
  • Waar heb je last van Marcel! Blijf toch van die cola af! Is niet goed voor je!
  • Even serieus MM, ben je dronken? :P

    Zo ineens in een creepy bui, je maakt een topic met een superpost vol me onzin die we toch niet gaan lezen (hooguit de bovenste drie locaties)

    Tuurlijk is het niet erg dat je in een "horror-stemming" bent, maar dat topic over dat huis en die film was wel genoeg, dit kan misschien beter als link in het links en filmpjes topic.
  • Ja het is weer zover, Marcel is in de steming dus weer spook verhalen! (yeay)

    that's just a myth…

    Paducah - Lone Oak - German Cemetery - This is an old Catholic cemetery located directly across the road from St Johns Catholic Church. There have been many sightings here of unexplained supernatural phenomenon. Such events include but are not limited to sightings of a "werewolf" type creature that charges up the hill at you, a female apparition that is not fond of males, and a strange light that seems to hover over one of the graves in the lower portion of the cemetery. Late at night during certain events, even the crickets are silenced.

    Paducah - Oak Grove Cemetery - The spirit of a young woman named Della Barnes walks through this cemetery on certain nights. Documents claim she was accidentally poisoned by the doctor who was treating her for an illness. Legend has a different story though. Some people believe that her fianc饧 murdered her in a fit of rage. He even went as far to cut off her left ring finger in order to retrieve the expensive engagement ring he had given her. There is also an iron-rod statue of an angel that is said to turn and face a different direction in the cemetery.

    Paducah - Reidland Middle and High School -
    During the day you could hear someone walking down the hallway and there would be no one there. Then some of the doors would open and close real fast and there would be nothing there some of them would not open it would be like it is stuck. Then the lights would go on and of and would not come on but when the teachers or students would go over there it would stop. Nobody knows what it is.

    Paducah - Whitehaven - A restored mansion, now a rest area, and open to the public. A female apparition has occasionally been sighted on the balcony attached to the second floor bedroom, believed to be the owner's wife. Legend has it she bled to death during an appendectomy. The feeling in that room is very pleasant, however, due to how much she loved that room—her husband had the room and balcony added on especially for her. She has been known to turn off the lights in that room, and the sounds of long skirts swishing as well as the scent of her perfume have been noted. Also, even though the old kitchen is now the employees' break room, there have been times the smells of someone cooking a huge feast have greeted startled visitors. It has been known to happen during the holidays, mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a beautiful place to visit, even if you don't get to meet the happy spirits inhabiting this great house.

    Paintsville - the City -
    built over partially or very near an Indian war and burial ground. This city is named for its numerous amounts of Indian paintings found here, and there are several Indian burial grounds here that businesses had been built on, that have had sightings.

    Paintsville - Local Gas Station - there have been reports, of 'fully dressed' in battle clothing- headdresses and all, Indians, walking through a local gas station and disappearing again and dishes in the eatery of the place falling and being thrown around as well, many employees have quit.

    Paintsville - Mayo Church - Mr. Mayo who was the richest man in town built a church mostly for his wife. Some said that they have seen Mrs. Mayo praying or just sitting in the chapel late at night. Others say that you can here whispering or humming coming from the chapel late at night.

    Paintsville - Mayo Mansion -
    Mr. Mayo has been seen in his era clothing and hat on the sidewalk watching people drive by. a tunnel leading from the house under ground to the church has long been filled however you get a eerie felling standing near the site of the tunnel.

    Paintsville - Old Town Cemetery - There has been reports of an old lady who wonders around the cemetery that over looks the town of Paintsville in eastern Ky.

    Paintsville - Paintsville Elementary School - Numerous reports of unexplained happenings from within the building including unexplained moaning, sighting of a woman in one of the classrooms crying out to her husband and a child on the other side of the room, and also many of the janitors working there claim there is in fact a ghost within the school.

    Paintsville - Ramada Inn -
    The RAMADA INN was bulit on haunted grounds.The once place called BRISTLE BUCK.At the RAMADA,employees have had first hand experence at hauntings.In the kitchen pans will come flying from off the wall at whoever!Late at night in the atrium there have been the footsteps of a woman in highheels heard,this is every night.You don't want to go into one of the banquet rooms alone,you will feel as if someone is behind you.

    Paris - The Covered Bridge - Located on Colville Road. Haunted by young girl who was killed in a wreck with her boyfriend. They were coming home from prom and were going to stop at the bridge. You can set in the middle of the bridge and watch headlights come up behind you, but no car and then you see lights under the bridge as if a car has fallen in the water.

    Paris - Old Hospital - A worker has heard many strange noises out in the lobby area, even so much that they have stood up to greet someone coming in and there is nobody there. An apparition of a blonde lady walking toward the window. This building has been said to have been tested several times for paranormal activities and it tested positive.

    Park City - Mamoth Cave - A spirit of the cave is a Southern lady named Melissa, who brought her Yankee lover to the cave in 1843. She took the man deep within the cave to Purgatory Point and left him there as a prank. The man was never seen again, and Melissa's ghost still searches the area known as Echo River. The ghost of Floyd Collins, who died after being trapped for sixteen days in nearby Crystal Cave, is also said to wander the grounds. The case became so popular that in 1926, Collins's body was removed from his family plot and displayed in a glass coffin at the entrance to Crystal Cave. The grisly tourist attraction proved very profitable, until someone stole the corpse. It was finally returned to the cave; however, for some reason the body was missing its left leg. In recent years, tourists have reported the unidentified ghost of a man dressed in an old-fashioned cummerbund. Others have witnessed a disembodied pair of legs running down the hill near the main visitors' center. The legs were wearing denim overalls and work shoes. With over 150 sightings of ghosts reported.

    Park City - Mammouth Park - There is an old slave cave that was used during the Underground Railroad, many people have seen the images of slaves and such. However after the civil war the cave is noted to have been a hide out for Jessie James.

    Partridge - Lewis Creek - late at night you can here a loud whaling and screaming coming from the woods on Lewis creek. No one knows exactly what happened but their used to be a race track that everyone used to race cars on. It wasn?t pro or anything but it was fun for the guys mostly and their girlfriends would come to watch then race and one time there was a horrible accident and a car wrecked and went into the bleachers and killed more than 15 people and it is believed that the screams are from all the people that died that day. the track is still up there and the guard rails and what?s left of the bleachers is their too. the old buildings that the cars where sometimes kept in are still their too. Kids go up their and us it for paint ball games and some race 4-whellers up their.

    Pembroke - Medco Center of Pembroke (Nursing Home) - Radios, light's would turn of you can feel cold spot's and a feeling of someone watching you.

    Perry County - Dead Man's Curve - This happens in a little place called Typo, were a man haunt's the railroad tracks as some people know as Dead Man's Curve. People seem to see thing's that are very weird like a strange man raoming the track's, waiting for someone to step in his track's so he can attack or maybe even kill them! The man will soon give up and let you go and let you be till you quit fighting. Then he will walk off for someone else to step in those tracks.

    Perry County - Hazard - After Hours Treatment Center - is the old clinic in Hazard that was used in the 1970?s. three floors, many doctors use, or used this building for offices. One of the workers report things move, and lights go out. Foot steps heard also. the workers think it may be Doctor Williams who died some time a go. Its the sight of his former office.

    Perry County - Hazard - Beams Electric Supply store - is said by the now owner that the old man who ran it before his death still walks the building. now closed down.

    Perry County - Hazard - Berrymen Service Station - Closed late 80s.around 1993 our church was holding a yard sale close to the service station. Two girls walking by the place stopped to talk with our group. They was around the side of the building, they said it sounded like something moved in side. me and my friend went to look. No one was inside as far as we could see. the place was locked solid. No windows were busted out. Another witness said that he and a friend walked by the building. It was getting dark, and they were walking by. They heard walking inside. They went to investigate & it was locked up. No way any one got in. then a strange glow was seen in the corner. It floated. He said both ran, and did not look back.

    Perry County - Hazard - County School Board - a bus driver, and churchman said the service garage the buses are re paired at is said haunted. One worker was washing up, and thought he seen a man to the side of him. After he looked closer, no one was around. He told a guy that worked there of this. He was told stuff went on there like that all the time. Guys lunch bags messed up. And other things they may have with them. Tools moved from place to place. And lost. Footsteps heard, with no one around. And a man has been seen that was not to be there. Then on a closer look he is not found. The school may have a new garage.

    Perry County - Hazard - Goody's Clothing Store - Many strange things have been heard in the store, and generally happen after closing when there are only a handful of people in the store. One night a manager and a cashier were getting ready to lock up when the bell at the service desk started ringing. Also strange voices have been heard on the intercom system after hours. The store built in the 1980's may have been built on an abandoned cemetery.

    Perry County - Hazard - Old Miners Memorial Hospital and ARH Regional Hospital - Built in the 1950's this hospital has seen many deaths from the people of eastern KY being the only hospital for almost 5 counties around it for many years. Abandoned in 1987 and turned into an office building and part of the University of Kentucky, the spirits inside still do not rest. Sightings include someone calling your name in the hallways, to no answer of course, a strange black form that can knock you down in the old mental ward. Many a security guard has quit because of this building.

    Perry County - Hazard - Raccoon Creek Rd Glomar - things have been spotted at night like green glowing figures and also things happen in the homes as well…. particularly on the right side of the road.

    Perry County - Hazard - Tunnel Hill - Tunnel Hill is located a couple of miles in the back roads of Napfor just before you get to low water bridge. Directly on top of the twin tunnels lie two cemeteries. But forget about the cemeteries for the tunnels are the sites of many bizarre occurrences. The story has it that there is a hidden chamber hidden among the manholes. It is said that the manhole will give way to the secret passage and those who have ventured into this passage have no recollection of how they got there. When walking through the tunnels all light sources will slowly drain and the further you venture into the tunnel total darkness. It is then that random light sources will appear from cracks and crevices on various places in the tunnel. Rather you go in the day or night the same will happen because most occurrences happen once you reach the middle of the tunnel. The right tunnel is much more active than the left. NEVER go alone. Beware these tunnels are still in service and actual trains still pass through each day. One such aspect of the haunting place is the ghost train, which you will actually hear and even feel beneath your feet. Faint train horns echo throughout this terrifying area. Also feel free to explore the large active cemeteries above. Rumors are there many more horrifying things that have happened and continue to happen that cannot be mentioned in this article. - July 2005 Update/Warning: This may not be a safe place to visit. There reports of people being chased out of the tunnels by something unexplained. This can lead to injury or worse.

    Perry County - Willard - Willard ELemantry School - it is said at night you can walk into the gymnasium and u are able to see glowing figures also there is blodd that seems to run from the walls!!

    Perry County - Hazard - Western Sizzler Stake house - not used any more for any thing. a woman seen what she thought was a man trying to get in the old restaurant. Her and some man close by went to look. No one was around. Then movement inside was heard. They called the police. The officer to heard the sounds, but the doors was chained, and locked. The windows boarded up. No one could have got in side.

    Perryville - Hank's Bridge - When calling on the ghost of the bridge, your car will not start when you go to leave for awhile. Also noted very cold on the bridge.

    Perryville - Old Mud Meeting House - An Old abandoned Dutch Church with Iron Doors. If you place your hands on the doors, they will feel hot…like the "Gates of Hell". Put your ear on the door and hear a church sermon-taking place.

    Pike County - Kiah Creek Mining - There was a worker that died in this mine due to an aneurysm. The mine is abandoned now. It is said that the night watch man can hear equipment running inside the mine even though it is abandoned.

    Pikeville - Mikes Branch - Late at night an image of a rail road worker can be seen carrying and swinging a lantern back and forth. It has been told that the man was killed while trying to warn a child to stay off the tracks while the train had been worked on, only he was caught and pinned by the train when he fell and knocked himself unconscious. Being crushed to death.

    Pikeville - Pikeville College - Wickham hall - has been haunted for many years now. People have been reported saying that in the early hours of the morning that there is a young child that roams the third floor halls of Wickham. Many say that the child can be seen jumping off of the stairs of the third floor. Other times people have seen the child in the corners of the hall crying for its parents.

    Pine Knot - Cal Hill Rd - Down towards the lower part of Cal Hill just as you round the corner before the church a black object will chase you, sometimes as far as the church, sometimes even farther. There used to be an old house there and if you went in you could see a soldier's jacket hanging on the back of a chair and blood in one of the jacket's pockets.

    Pineville - Pineville Independent Schools - Many believe the girls bathroom is haunted by a girl named Connie. The lights will flicker; the water will turn on by its self. Toilets will flush by them selves. She will walk to your style and open the door. She will scream and yell.

    Pippa Passes - Alice Lloyd College - Cushing Hall, Andersen Science Center, Grady Nutt Athletic Center, - Many students and staff have encountered many strange happenings throughout campus such as Ripped bed sheets, heartbeats coming from the vents in the showers, books falling off shelves, Locked dorm rooms suddenly unlocking, nightmare involving an old lady, sightings of an old lady, voices coming from empty rooms, bathroom stalls opening and closing without anyone being in them and a lot more. Campus police have also reported strange occurrences this place really seems to be a hot spot.

    Pippa Passes - Alice Lloyd College - Lilly Hall - Second Floor Suite Strange and unusual noises have been heard from this room. There is a mechanical room in the back where scratching and moaning take place at night. The girls that live there have saw shadows of an unknown figure.

    Pippa Passes - Alice Lloyd Radio Station - Radio station is haunted by a man named Cushing. Has been seen by numerous employees in this building and in Cushing Hall.

    Pleasant Ridge - corner store - hauntings dating back to the 1950s, if your there at around nine o clock at night to round three in the morning you can see people inside loading things onto the shelves, ask anyone in the area they'll tell you.

    Prestonsburg - Adams Middle School - A mysterious lady in black can be found roaming the hallways alone. Janitors have even heard faint cries or whispering in their ears. Doors can be found opening and closing by themselves and furniture even moves. Even the office camera tapes pick up the ghostly figure.

    Prestonsburg - abandoned courthouse - there are now tours. Many tourists say that they have seen and heard two old men through busted out windows trying to escape who were put there when they were 16 for raping two girls at Prestonsburg High School in the girl's bathroom on the first floor.

    Prestonsburg - Conley Fork - There have been sightings of a woman standing in the window screaming for help

    Prestonsburg - Country at Heart - This story may not be completely accurate - Before the shop opened, there was an apartment building complex over the store (you can still see the abandoned apartments over the store). The owner claims that a woman murdered her husband (or the husband committed suicide) and was decapitated there. Even when the whole building was fully checked, the head wasn't found! The owner says that the bloodstains are still in the building (supposedly, the room has the only window that's broken facing the road). That room may be haunted.

    Prestonsburg - Emma - Big Sandy Riverbed - Near the riverbed in the 1958, there was the nations worst bus wreck ever, killing over 20 children and the bus driver! There is now a little shack where it happened. Some say, at night in the little shack, you can hear screams. Prestonsburg School Bus Disaster - Caution this contains descriptions of the accident and the aftermath and may not be suitable for all readers.

    Prestonsburg - Highlands Regional Medical Center- A worker at Highlands Regional Medical Center says that, sometimes, the lights will flash on and off whenever no one's near the switch (where she works). And, patience say that they see angels and dead people while they're there.

    Prestonsburg - Prestonsburg High School - When the Prestonsburg High School was built a man was pushed from a ladder an was decapitated. Now in the old upstairs hallways you can here strange an unusual sounds and sometimes you feel as if someone is running into you when there is really no one there.

    Prestonsburg - Slickrock - years back a mad man cut his brothers head off and put it on a fence now you can see every time it rains blood running down it. there is a lot of strange stuff that happens up that hollow

    Princeton - Gravity Hill - It is believed that a man and his two daughters had car trouble at the bottom of this hill. While they were pushing the car down the road, they were hit and killed by a truck. If you stap your car under this overpass, turn it off and put it in neutral, you will sit still for a few minutes and then feel your car being pushed up the hill, all the way to the end of the road. If you put baby powder on the back of your car you will see six handprints on it after you get out.

    Providence - Providence Public Park - the park used to have a house that set there on the lands of the park. the house caught on fire and the man burned alive in the house. Witnesses report of the sounds they would hear in the house before the house was torn down.

    Raceland - Raceland Old High School - Not to be mistaken for Raceland Worthington In the basement, in the old Shop Classroom, there is a guy who wanders around mainly at 2:45 when in 1956 he cut off his hand with a table saw. People have tried to go in the old room to investigate, but they come out frightened, unable to go back in.

    Radcliff - Saunder's Springs - Until fairly recently (1999 or 2000) this place was off limits to just about everyone. It was part of Ft. Knox, only accessible from a couple of dirt roads across the street from the old US Cav. store. It?s now been opened to the public and made into a park. There are the remains of the old pump houses and tanks for when this was the main water source for Ft. Knox and Radcliff. On all of my visits (both before and after it being opened to the public) I have been plagued with the feeling of being watched. There is also a distinct aura of wrongness about the reservoir. The water is so murky that visibility is about 2ft at most.

    Richland - Wicked Woods - If you go from south Main St. onto McLaughin/Princeton Pike Rd and head towards Charleston then you will pass through a small village named Richland, you will know this as the only building they have is a vol. fire dept. To your left is a road that goes under a wooden train trestle turn onto that road follow this road through and you will come to a dark wooded area you get an uneasy feeling there no matter what time of day it is. It has also been reported that Sasquatch was seen there.

    Richmond - Eastern Kentucky University - Sullivan hall - now a girl's dormitory is said to be haunted by the spirit of a nursing student who committed suicide there in the 1970's. Also, Alumni House is said to be haunted. The most haunted house in Richmond by far is that of White Hall mansion.

    Richmond - Four Mile - There was a 16teen year old girl raped and murdered near the Four Mile bridge, they call her little Egypt, if you go to the bridge on a rainy night right before dark call her name three times crack the two front windows she will come into the car as a puff of wind, and ride with you to see if you are the people that killed her, if not she will get out. They say if you don't crack the windows she cant get out and she will wreck the car.

    Richmond - Keene Hall 16th Floor - An apparition haunts the 16th floor of Keene hall at Eastern Kentucky University. A student in his early twenties, late teens, committed suicide from the top floor of the University's dorm hall over a distraught fight with his girlfriend. Feelings of being watched, girls would wake up in the middle of the night and see a man in the room, then they would look twice then nothing was there, weird sounds. Very creepy if you're up there alone.

    Richmond - Madison Middle School - A man was brutally murdered in room 306 in the late 1940's you can still hear sounds of his cry late at night mostly at 1:03 in the morning.

    Richmond - Salem Cemetery - People say that at night you can drive by and you will see two orange colored eyes looking at you. A Baptist church stands there now, but supposedly years ago, there used to be a satanic church there.

    Richmond - Westover Terrace - Westover Mansion - Feelings of ghostly presences while walking from the back to the house. also some people talk about hearing voices. There are also stories told of people being chased out of the basement. There is talk about a tunnel that leads from the house to four mile road (some think that it's in the basement) most think that its just talk.

    Richmond - White Hall Mansion - The Civil War emancipationist, Cassius M. Clay, one of his daughters, one of his sons, and a black servant, haunt the mansion. There have been sightings of Master Clay passing back and forth in front of the top middle window (the nursery), waiting for his ex-wife and children to return. - June 2005 Update: The Curator at White Hall State Historic Site reports: It is possible that a daughter and son are at White Hall, as numerous incidents site a woman and a little boy. A baby most certainly resides in the mansion. On two separate occasions, in two different seasons, tour guides have heard a baby laughing. Another guide had a small child on her tour remark about seeing babies in the house. The story of Clay passing before the "top middle window" (which, incidentally is the third floor hallway, and not a nursery) is a story that the works say they never heard of or experienced at this site. It is doubtful that Cassius would have waited for his ex-wife and children, more likely they would be waiting for him, as he spent a great deal of time away from home campaigning, fighting in the Mexican War, as ambassador to Russia, and in general making a spectacle of himself. In addition to sightings of a lady (although we call her "the lady in black," she is rather stylish and tends to change her clothes, the Curator?s husband has seen her in blue), music has been heard in the mansion (of the piano and music box variety) as well as footsteps. At times one can also smell candles, perfume, apple pie, bourbon and bacon.

    Rineyville - Owsley Rd. - Cemetery on top of the hill. Strange noises are heard and many shadows resembling people watch you. Glowing eyes occasionally seen of far side of the cemetery from your position. If watching people leave the cemetery from the bottom of the hill a ghostly figure will follow them out.

    Rowletts - Hart County - The old coats Plantation - This place was built in 1810 there is a family grave yard behind the home also a slave grave yard. Reports of being tapped on the shoulder when alone in the cellar, ghostly mist, apparitions, hearing music, & orbs in pictures.

    Rowletts - The Old Coats Plantation - Witnesses have seen ghosts on different occasions, heard things being moved when no one else is here. Reports of being tapped on the shoulder and he turned around and no one was there. Apparitions of a slave walking across the field, & heard music playing and a baby cry or children playing. The latest thing that has occurred is ghosts and orbs appearing in pictures. This home is on record at the Hart County Historical Museum.

    Russellville - The Sexton House - This house shares ground with a neighboring cemetery, and thus has some tie to the graveyard. Several years ago a girl was struck by lightning in the tower. On stormy nights her shadow appears inside the window when the lightning shines against it. Because it drew so many onlookers over the years the windows were painted over. But that didn't stop people from coming. Nor did it stop the girl?s ghost from appearing inside the window on stormy nights.

    Salt Lick - Polksville Cemetery - A cemetery where many of the graves date back to the late 1800's. A glowing has been spotted by many of the areas residents.

    Salyersville - Frozen - many people go to a place called frozen. Ghosts have been seen in the halls of this old abandoned school and mental institution. It has been said that many years ago children drowned in the cellar of this old school. Several people say that they have heard cries of young children and have even seen them. It has been said that you will see and hear terrifying things.

    Salyersville - Mash Fork Cemetery - A old Graveyard, where one peculiar grave glows! You can See this when you drive by, or either when you get out and go look at it. Old folklore say, that people had there doubts, so a person went and put a coffee sack over, and it still glowed through.

    Shelbyville - Cry Baby Bridge - When you cross cry baby bridge you hear a baby's cry and if spread baby power on the roof of your car you will see the foot prints of a dead baby, that was killed in a car wreck alon with his mother.

    Shepherdsville - Brooks Rd. Castle - Just off of Brooks Road, just before you cross the railroad tracks there is a turnoff to your right. Down a little further to your left is an old house(more like castle with red pointed tower-like structures). You can't see it from the road but you can pull right up next to the old iron gates. It is said that the man who once lived there killed his wife and children. Lack of evidence though, he could not be convicted. If you pull up next the iron gates at night an scream at the gates, you can hear the wife and children screaming for help! It is better that you go alone. If you go alone it rules out all possibilities of echos.

    Shepherdsville - Bullitt Central High School - When this small town was founded in the late 1700's, the town built houses for the county's and town's officials (judges, clerks, sheriff, etc.). This was on the site of present day Bullitt Central High. Legend has it many executions took place on the site of the gym before proper law had been established. Many eye-witnesses have given reports of strange occurrences at the school late at night including but not limited to: Outside doors suddenly opening, lights turning on, footsteps, and voices throughout the large gym.

    Shepherdsville - Cherry St. - ghostly figures walking threw the forest at midnight across the mud path: legends say people were murdered in the forest and if you listen closely you can here people screaming for help!

    Shepherdsville - Old Shepherdsville Cemetery by the River - There have been actual sightings of Ghostly figures in old doctor uniforms walking around during full moons and otherwise creepy nights.

    Simpsonville - Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center - The old dormitory that is now being used as warehouse is haunted by a teenage girl who committed suicide in her room after being raped. Her boyfriend also committed suicide in the hallway. He hung himself and she slit her wrists.

    Slade - Tunnel Ridge - As the story goes, about 5 years ago a man from Ohio was up in the mountains of the Red River Gorge enjoying the beauty and scenery of the mountains. As an inexperienced rock climber, he decided to take his chances anyway and go climbing for the day. For the most part, he had a pretty good day–until he decided to climb down to the tunnel (otherwise known as the Nada Tunnel). It was dark outside and he wasn't wearing any bright or distinctive colored clothing and as his luck would have it, his rope broke. Just as he was falling, a big green bus from the job corps came by and hit him as he was falling. To this day, the tunnel still glows from his presence. At 1:17am, the tunnel will glow for 13 minutes (the length of time it took him to die). Witnesses say, as he was dying he mentioned seeing "the glow". Now every year on October 29th, at 1:17am, the tunnel glows.

    Smithland - The Cumberland Marine Hospital Mill Street near the school. Used to be a hospital during the war and people came from all over to see a face in one of the windows that resembled the likeness of God. A storm shattered the window, but people have heard soldiers screaming on certain nights because they use to do amputations and sometimes the people would die.

    Spotsville - Spotsville Baby - There is a lake down in Spotsville Kentucky. Back in the 1800's It is said that a 13 year old girl had gotten pregnant. And did not want her parents to find out. So she took her baby to the lake, and drowned the baby by throwing it in the lake. Now to this day. When you drive to the lake and park on the dock, turn your car off and headlights. Have nothing on. The baby will crawl out of the lake. Crawl on to your hood and peek inside of the windshield. If you try to turn your car on at all. It wont start. Nothing will, until the baby crawls back into the lake.

    Springfield - St. rose church - old church, one of the oldest in the state. there are some spots that you feel like your being watched, and cold spots.

    Soldier - Mushroom Mines - different ones - !!!DANGER WARNING!!! - visitors report being chased by a tall albino looking man out of mine, seeing distant lights in the mines, kind of like eyes looking at them, and something would be thrown and land right behind them. Extremely cold chills.
    Somerset - fishing creek road - two car links past the last turnoff on left of road the road starts at a down hill grade when passing through at reported time of 11:30pm at recorded speed of 15mph's looking through rear view mirror a figure of a ghostly man will appear in back seat of your vehicle and will ride down to the end of the road of fishing creek park and will remain in the vehicle until returning him back to the curve where first sited.

    Somerset - Soules chapel- reports of an overwhelming feeling of evil. Mist has been seen rising from some of the graves in the cemetery behind the church. Voices that were not heard by the people visiting the area have been picked on voice recorders. Orbs have also been seen in the church, in the cemetery and in the wooded area surrounding the church. - December 2003 Update: was burnt down last month by 2 kids.

    Southgate - The fiery house - This house was rebuilt about 3 times and has been left abandoned at least 4 times. Story is an old lonely grumpy mad lived and died there. About month or two later they were fixing to sell it. After they fixed it all up there was a big fire that started in the house, leaving every thing inside in ashes. And every time the rebuild it, it burns down. People gave up for a while and then tried again. So far it is doing good but u never know when the old selfish man is going to start a fire and keep the house to himself.

    St. Mary?s - Marion adjustment center - was an old college, St. Mary?s College, now a prison complex. there have been reports of old students walking the halls of the old dormitory, and feeling of dread in the chapel.

    Stanton - Ambulance Service - About 50 years ago when this building was being built, one of the workers who was building the stairs that go up to the ambulance service, beside the police department fell, crashing to his death. The other workers were afraid that they would be blamed for his death, so they buried him under the stairs where his remains are still said to be. At night you can hear things coming from the stairs, there are cold spots and sometimes when watching movies certain scenes are fast forwarded.

    Stanton - Boone Creek Woods - Several hunters have reported seeing a hollow eyed woman in the woods. One even reported his hunting dogs pinning the woman in a tree. The dogs barked as she stood, perfectly, on one thin branch shrieking at the hunter.

    Stanton - Lions Club Park - Toward the back of the park, park your car and stand there for a few minutes and you will hear spirits walking around. You will also hear a ghost horse running but you don't see it. You will hear weird noises as you walk through the graveyard.

    Union - Larry A. Ryle High School - When Ryle high school was being built, there was a man that was working in the school auditorium that fell many feet to his death. He was working on a scaffold and some co-workers were talking to him one minute and the next he was seen falling and screaming. Students can be walking alone in the school and see the ghost of this man out of the side of their eye. Also during school hours he is known to play with the light switches and close doors. The custodians say that at nighttime they do not go to the area of the school where he was killed due to very odd vibrations and sightings.

    University of Kent - Sorority Houses - A glowing "help me" can be read clearly on the ceiling of the treasurers bedroom and also the whistle of a past house mother who died in the house, can be heard. She would wear the whistle at Monday night dinner and blow it to give a lesson in etiquette…we can still hear the whistle being blown in the house.

    Van Meter - Auditorium - The auditorium is reportedly haunted by a man that fell to his death there while working on one of the catwalks. Students, workers and performers have seen him.

    Vanceburg - Slate Hollow - Slate Poibt and Surrounding Hills - In the 1980's there were several sightings of a hoofed, half man half deer or goat type creature roaming the area. It's said that he/it was bringing in a new age of depression, death, bitterness and even opening a portal to the dark realms itself. In the same are and maybe the same being was sighted several times on the Slate Hollow point in the area of a cabin that is long gone now. The shape was the same but there was mentioning of glowing red eyes and when this being was approached with out fear, he would turn into several black birds and fly toward you. In a valley below the point was a place that was and had been describe as completely barren and dead. The trees, grass and even the branch of water was dry and gone. This was said to be the opening to the portal. Screams could be heard. Climate change, from warm to extreme cold. And a feeling of eyes all around you watching you could be felt. It was told that the reason all this attention had come to this area was do to the murder. But when asked no one knew a name to give.

    Vine Grove - Brown Street Educational School - In the downstairs bathroom there was a boy desperate and tired of being picked on. He untied his shoestrings and hung himself in the 2nd stall from the door. If you go to the school around 9pm when no one is there you would notice his favorite classroom light on up stairs. And after night school don't stay around the school for to long cause by personal experience you will see the front door close and feel someone standing right next to you. What makes it bad you can feel them breathing.

    Walton - U.S. Hwy 25 - There is a dilapidated yellow house that sits on US 25 on the northern edge of Walton, Ky. Many families have moved in, but none stay. It is said the ghost of a Civil War General haunts the house, driving the would-be homesteaders out.

    Warren - Bowling Green - Russellville - Off of old Russellville rd. There is a old haunted wooden bridge, When u drive across it, It makes eerie sounds just put your car in neutral and let it roll across. Also people say if u go to it at midnight and park, you can see headlights come up out of the water from a woman who drove off of it.

    Warsaw - Gallatin County - 2 miles west of Warsaw before the Markland Dam on US42 - Back in the 60?s a family was killed in a fire on Friday nights around midnight occurrences have been reported, such as fire truck sirens, seeing old fire trucks, flashing lights, voices, and screaming.

    West Point - Ditto House Inn - Currently a Bed and Breakfast, was a hospital during the Civil War. Footsteps are heard, men in uniform seen, also presence felt touching the guests.

    West Point - Tioga Falls - At night behind the bridge, Civil War soldiers have been spotted walking and riding horses. There were both confederate and union uniforms on these men and boys.

    Wheelwright - Golf Course Hollow - On a old Mining road about a mile up the Hollow there is a gas road on the right, very easy to miss. You can go up in the hollow and sometimes hear a clicking sound. About five seconds after the clicking sound you can hear a sound like a bear or a large pack of dogs breathing very hard and the sound gets louder. It sounds like it is right on you ready to harm you, but you cannot see a thing. You can just feel that something is present. The whole time walking out you can still feel its presence. Sometimes it will break branches or knock over small tree, but never to be seen. It has happened in the daylight. The area has a history of weird happenings.

    Whitesburg - Woods of westwood - back in the old days where a area is at use to be called graveyard holler and there is 3 graveyards on this site some graves dating back to the civil war if you go into the woods you can sometimes hear noises like gun shots firing when no one is in the woods then you can see what looks to be civil war dressed men running and disappearing.

    Whitley City - Barren Fork - February 2004 correction: Formerly posted as "Barren Rd. Cemetery" - There is supposed to be a witch buried in the Grave yard, there is a house built around her grave and there are times that you can go and the house will be locked. And there are times you will go and the house will not be locked…As you turn on the road it gets very cold even in the Summer time- February 2004 correction ? additional information: Her name was Anna Foster and she died at the age of 28. In the last year or so her headstone has been stolen and the shelter over her grave has been vandalized and almost torn apart. It's sad and the submitter has nearly cry every time they see it. They are looking into fixing the shelter themselves. But they cannot afford to replace her headstone, unfortunately. Upon research they have discovered that she is not the witch everyone thinks. The "real" witch's grave is located just inside the woods next to this cemetery. - Again, we have to state that if you are going to investigate these places, have respect for the people involved with these places. To destroy history, and vandalize graves proves nothing but your foolishness.

    Whitley City - Granny's Old Farm House On School Road - In 1940's two young men was shot to their death on the stairway while trying to escape from law officials. The old house burned but a new house was built in it's place. In this new house you sometimes see balls of light, hear footsteps, and door slamming late at night.

    Wilder - Bobby Mackey's Music World - Said to be haunted by a woman that was killed by Satanists there.

    Williamsburg - Cumberland College - Archer Hall - It is rumored that a room on the first floor is haunted. The cause of the haunting is unknown. It is reported that posters fall off the wall no matter how much they're taped up, alarm clocks will go off at midnight despite them being set for a different time, cd players will come on by themselves, also different objects within the room will become misplaced inexplicably.

    Williamsburg - Cumberland College - Gillespie (Johnson) Hall - CC is a small school…everyone knows everyone else (1700 students). The freshman girls dorm has had several incidences on the third floor where they see a girl who does not live there. Sometimes the girl is crying and sometimes she just stares. Other times she is there and disappears. Doors close and open, TV?s and stereos come on and off, radios and computers turn on. Padlocked doors are opened and then when you walk back by (minutes later) it will be locked. Some days it is locked and you can see lights from underneath the door leading up to the attic. It is rumored that she was a cheerleader who got pregnant by a football player and instead of leaving school (strict place here) she killed herself in the attic. She supposedly lived on the third floor in 316. One girl who lived in that room was engaged and at night she would take her ring off and put it on the desk and every morning she would wake up to find it in the garbage.

    Williamsburg - Gillespie Hall - In a room on the first floor that was numbered 13 has since been painted over that number and replaced with number 19. Things will be moved out of its place, you can hear a girl singing very quietly which seems to be opera, you can hear a violin being played, keys being placed on a desk, pushing on the bottom of the bed, a mysterious foot print on carpeted floor which seems to be wet will not go a way.

    Williamsburg - Highland Park Cemetery - This cemetery was moved when I-75 came through Williamsburg. It's a rather large cemetery with one mausoleum, and several monuments. The graves extend out beyond the cemetery gates and it seems as though the most haunted area is beyond the gates. There is a strong vibe at night that you shouldn't venture beyond the gates.

    Williamsburg - Williamsburg Independent Schools - The school was built on an old cemetery, some of the graves still reside on the grounds by the playground and football field. There are many different stories. One of which states that an Native American chief will appear at one end of the elementary hallway, and ride his horse down to the end of the hallway and then disappear. The gymnasium seems to be the next most haunted part of the school; there are a lot of stories surrounding it. Lights turning on and off and basketballs bouncing on their own.

    Willisburg - Tathum Springs Hotel- The Tathum Springs Hotel was first built as a hot springs resort. A little girl died in the creek that runs round the hotel on three sides. Her ghost has been photographed in the window with an old man standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder.

    Winchester - Ghost Bridge - This old bridge, named Ghost Bridge, is said to be haunted by 4 teenagers who were drinking and smoking and jumped off the bridge to an untimely death. People have seen the images of the 4 young teens walking below in the dark night.

    Winchester - Jones Nursery Road - There is a sharp curve in the road where a car accident happened, killing the passengers in the car. At midnight on a full moon, you can sit on the side of the road down from the curve and wait for the ghost of a woman to appear and walk from the curve toward your car. Witnesses say if you shut your car off, you will have a hard time starting it again and leaving before she can get to you. And if you leave your car running, the engine tries to bog down and die. So far no one has stayed long enough for the ghost to get to them.

    Winchester - The Tressels - This train bridge is said to be haunted by a girl who was walking across the bridge with friends and siblings when a train came; the others all jumped off, and she remained to be killed by the oncoming train.

    Winchester - Wal-Mart - In 2003 there has been a suicide and a murder there. the suicide was a man that walked into an isle and shot himself. rumor is if you go to that isle you'll feel a cold wind rush past you and get the sense some one is behind you. a man shot his daughter in front of the store's doors for going with another man. rumor for that is at night you can hear someone running and screaming inside or in front of the store as if in need of help.
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