1. How to find a job in the Netherlands?

How to find a job in the Netherlands?

How to find a job in the Netherlands?

Hi everybody!

A question: how is it possible for a foreigner to find a job in the Netherlands. I'm interested in jobs where Dutch either is not required and English is enough (I also speak Russian), or a job that doesn't require much language skills and little Dutch is enough.

I tried different employment agencies but with no success. Most of them offer professional jobs for people with serious work experience. They don't even specialize in my field which is literature, translations… (I have a degree in Philology).

But let aside high profile jobs, I see lots of foreigners working in Amsterdam. How do they find their jobs? Just going to places and asking if they need someone? How did you find your jobs?

PS: I have residence and work permit. At this time I'm working as a freelance writer and editor for some Websites. But I want to move on.

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