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  • See ya later!

  • hello peeps,

    I'm selling a conquer account on the Elements–>Light server.
    Its a very strong pure warrior. his levels are 130-130-130.
    His gears are:
    Super+12 armour 2 soc SDG SDG permanent phase 6 whirlpoolsoul
    Super +12 spear 2 soc SDG SDG permanent phase 6 wandsoul -5% damage!!
    Super +8 headband 2 soc SDG SDG permanent phase 5 featherhead soul
    Super +6 necklaxe 2 soc SDG SDG
    Super +6 2 shield soc SDG SDG permanent phase 3 shield soul (dont know the name anymore)
    Super +5 boots 1 soc SDG
    Super +6 ring 2 soc SDG SDG permanent phase 3 ring soul
    He also got a steed +6 and a miraclous gourd -1% damage.
    He is second reborn and is a pure warrior. He is level 130 now and is in a strong guild and hes rank is Manager! His total Battle Points is exactly 300. he is also Duke in the donating system.

    He got in the 18 million gold, and he got a few garments. The total worth of the account in cps (cps are conquer online points that you can buy with money) is in the 200.000 cps. (200k) 1075 cps is around the 15 usd. So just calculate it out how much this account is worth. (If u wanted to know how much it cost me look at this: 200.000:1075x15=2790,70 USD (i can tell ya thats a lot of money:D))
    I dont care that i dont got the full price back. I just need some money. If you want i can sell the gears to you for a price or just the whole account with full gears.

    Send me a e-mail if you are intressed. (i can send u some more screenshots if u want)

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